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Richard’s Apology

Richard Dawkins has  issued a public apology.

While I have reservations, I think this is worthy of applause.


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Thinking Aloud: Secular Humanism and Atheist Boards

I have been thinking, on and off, about the importance of a secular humanist board instead of just an atheist board. An atheist board alone seems to lack any particular direction in terms of productivity and, perhaps, activism. Notice that the RDF was known as an atheist board but this classification was still second or equal to that of a science and reason board.
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Addendum to my RDF post

The Foundation grew, slowly, like a tree, spreading all over the net, making a nice, amiable and yet intellectually challenging space for atheists and others all over the world. Josh Timonen & co (excluding RD, since my sources have nothing on the matter), have forcibly, disrespectfully and shamefully disposed of this space.. The Forums are essentially gone, and so is the community.

I repudiate the actions taken by Josh Timonen and Co. and retract my support of the Foundation until further notice.

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End of the RDF Forums

Here is one of the former forum admin’s take on the subject, and a damn good one. These forums had a great community, even though the forums were huge. This community has been completely severed from it’s meeting place, home even, by the shameful work of the tech admins.

In Rationalia you can find the refugees, the community and much of the good stuff that made the RDF great.

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